Your Prayer Requests
If you are in need of prayer, we would love to know about it. We have lots of people dedicated to praying for others in need. Please visit our contact page and mail us a letter or fill out our contact form. God bless!
We Need Your Prayer
Please also pray for these specific things as they relate to our ministry:

  • That the Lord will bless the Born-Again Ministry.
  • For the show, the staff, and the callers.
  • That the Lord will prepare the hearts of the LDS people of Utah and Idaho who watch our show.
  • That the Lord will lead more and more people to Him through the show and website.
  • That the Lord will cause a revival to occur in the hearts of Latter-day Saints everywhere.
  • That Mormonism will accept the Biblical Jesus and embrace the Bible as inerrant and infallible.
  • That all those involved in this ministry (whether on our site, on our show, or in the various communities) will have love, wisdom, and protection as they follow the Lord’s will in their lives.
  • Against the attack from Satan, as he is that roaring lion, seeking to devour our ministry in any way possible.

God bless you all. And thank you so much for your continued love, prayers, and support in this cause for Jesus Christ.