I Was a Born-Again Mormon

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Moving Toward Christian Authenticity

Written by Shawn McCraney
Printed by Alathea Press
359 Pages
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Excerpts from the Book
From the Introduction

“. . .Born-Again Mormon is not a regurgitation of early LDS history or an expose on the life and times of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Porter Rockwell or any other significant LDS figure of the past. By no measure can Born-Again Mormon be considered “anti-Mormon literature” as I have purposefully omitted anything that attacks the Church through its unique history or the failures of its founders. Instead, Born-Again Mormon seeks to explain how people who have been miraculously born again by the gift and power of God (through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ) can remain active, peaceful, evangelical members of the present-day LDS Church while bringing other Latter-day Saints to the Lord.”

From Chapter 1

“What is difficult for many people to accept, especially people who are religiously inclined, is the idea that sin is as much a part of their everyday life as flaws and blemishes are to their skin.”

From Chapter 2

“In His humanity, he faced trials, persecution, and mockery; as God He loved those who rejected Him and carried their evil ways upon His sinless frame. As man, He knew temptation, desire, hunger, and thirst; as God He resisted evil, rebuked the Devil, and overcame the demands of the flesh. As man He ate and drank with friends and disciples, wept at the tomb of Lazarus, and accepted invitations to sit with sinners; as God He turned water into wine, multiplied fishes and loaves, raised Lazarus from the dead, and forgave the sinners’ crimes. As man He was slapped, beaten, crowned with thorns, and rejected by His friends. He sweated in blood, was pierced through his hands and feet, was tortured as a reject, a criminal, a Sabbath-breaker, and a blasphemer. As God He endured the incomprehensible demands of justice, offered Himself in undefiled innocence, held Himself to the cross out of perfect and pure love for the sinner, and willingly accepted the full and furious wrath of our all just God for every single sin, sickness, wrong-doing, failure, and transgression that has ever occurred or ever will occur in or out of the heart of Man.”

From Chapter 7

“From the concept of God and His nature, to Adam and Eve in the Garden, from serving a full-time mission, to working in the temple or vacuuming the cultural hall, nothing plays a more important theological role than the idea that there are certain laws and principles that have always and forever existed – even before God – which must be adhered to and followed in order for God’s people to progress. Such a far-reaching theological premise will help all readers understand why so many other seemingly unusual doctrines and practices (relative to the orthodox Christianity) exist within the Church.”

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Endorsements for the Book

“Shawn McCraney has produced an intriguing work. Not only does he tell a gripping personal story of trans-formation by God, but he sets forth insights about the Mormon mind and experience that need to be heard. His provocative ideas about the “born-again Mormon” need to be considered very carefully by the Latter-day Saints and evangelical Christians everywhere.”

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Professor of Comparative Religion and Christian Apologetics at Biola University
La Mirada, CA

“Born-Again Mormon is perhaps the best book a Christian could give to an LDS friend today. Shawn McCraney passionately and fairly contrasts his forty years as an active Latter-day Saint with the life-altering truth that Jesus is the only means of salvation. A great read for any Christian; must read for every Latter-day Saint.”

Carl Westerlund
Director, Calvary Chapel School of Ministry
Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduate School
Costa Mesa, CA

“Born-Again Mormon is more than an attempt to recruit lost souls unto Christ, it is one man’s journey to authentic spiritual change. The author takes us on a trip into his personal struggles with God and the rigors of maintaining an active membership in a religion he did not wholly believe. The change the author experiences is almost palpable, as the joy of becoming a regenerated soul is fully realized. With this newfound ecstasy, Shawn begins his mission to introduce the church he loves to a new way of thinking. The message is that no one is left alone and that the umbrella of the Savior’s love covers all that will accept Him, regardless of denomination. While this has been attempted before by other authors, McCraney wisely avoids the tired and rehashed “anti-Mormon” approach so often employed. Instead he offers an almost apologetic, view on Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and early Church history. In the end, McCraney aims to meld Mormon culture and tradition with mainstream Christianity, while trimming away the superfluous doctrines and foibles of the LDS past. He may indeed have an audience. If church membership numbers are correct, over half of the people in any given LDS congregation are classified as “inactive.” And there may be countless more that go to church regularly, but like McCraney, feel there is something missing. This book may help them find it.”

Adam Braithwaite, M.D.
Member of the LDS Church
North Carolina

“Shawn McCraney’s book, Born-Again Mormon, is a book that is as authentic in its compassion for Mormons as it is theologically rigorous. It is written in the spirit in which all Christian apologetics should be.”

Ken DeMarco
Christian teacher
Huntington Beach, CA

“Born-Again Mormon is brash, out-spoken, and composed at the hand of a man on a very difficult mission. And though I’m not so sure his goal will ever be attained, he offers some worthwhile suggestions to LDS members on the importance, characteristics, and process of being born again.”

Grant Palmer
Author of An Insiders View of Mormon Origins
Member of the LDS Church
Salt Lake City

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Our mission is to help Latter-day Saints come to know the Lord through spiritual rebirth and to let Him lead them to the truth about their religion. We call on Christian bookstores everywhere to help us get this book into the hands of people who can, with confidence, pass it along to their LDS family, friends, and neighbors, knowing it will lovingly but honestly help them come to know Jesus.

Publishing Information
Published on March 25, 2005 by Alathea Press, New York, NY
8.5 x 5.5 Perfect Binding Laminate Soft Cover
ISBN: 0976627604
Barcode: 9780976627609
LCCN: 2005901572
359 page bibliography
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Retail $12.00 plus $4.00 if shipping within US/ $12.00 plus $10.00 if shipping international
3rd printing
Distributed by Alathea Ministries, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT
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Endorsement Information
Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Professor of Comparative Religion and Christian Apologetics Biola University
La Mirada, CaliforniaCarl Westerlund
Director of Calvary Chapel School of Ministry
Director of Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduate School
Costa Mesa, CaliforniaAdam Braithwaite, M.D.
Member of the LDS Church
North CarolinaGrant Palmer
Author of An Insiders View of Mormon Origins
Member of the LDS Church
Salt Lake City, Utah

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